Top 5 Best Family Tents For Bad Weather


Camping possesses a great deal of attraction all around the world, especially to travelers. Enjoying nature and starry nights with our families, away from the dull routine of our daily life seems like a dream to us. But this dream could turn into a nightmare if you don’t take some precautions like not having the best family tents for bad weather.

Camping is an outdoor activity, and it could be affected by a sudden bad weather condition, which may lead to an accident causing significant damage to life. So to avoid these kinds of disasters, some safety measures must be taken by the campers. Among these, the most important is to have camping tents of good quality which have high resistance and can withstand these lousy weather conditions to a great extent.

No risk is worth any human life. Heavy downpours and nasty storms can give you a hard time in keeping yourself safe, warm and dry. Therefore, you need to take some precautions ahead of your trip and choosing the right tent with all the essentials is one of them.

Campers could come across heavy rainfall, storms, etc. while camping, so the tents they use must be durable when faced with harshest weather conditions. Apart from that, it should be portable, comfortable, feasible, and should meet the other needs and requirements of the user as well. Keeping all that in mind, we provide you the best family tents for bad weather for your convenience. Following are some of our best products available:

The Top 5 Best Family Tents For Bad Weather Comparison Chart

Name Capacity Material Rating Price
Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent With Eport 6 to 10 Persons Polyester 4/5 Check price
Coleman 8-Person Waterproof Family Tent 8 Persons Polyester 3.6/5 Check price
Browning Camping Big Horn Family Camping Tent 8 Persons Polyester 4.4/5 Check price
The Original-Authentic Standing Family Cabin Tent 4 Persons Polyester 4.3/5 Check price
Weanas Professional Backpacking 4 Person Tent 1 to 4 Persons Polyester 4.3/5 Check price

The Best Family Tents For Bad Weather Of 2020

To some of us, camping is our passion, and to some, it is a newly found adventure. Nevertheless, if you are planning your next camping trip with your family in an adverse weather condition, you might want to get all the necessary information for finding a highly durable shelter. This article will provide you with all the required details on the most suitable family tents for bad weather.

best family tents for bad weather

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person with Eport

coleman weather master 6-person tent with screen room


  • Weight: 32.0 pounds
  • Capacity: 6-10
  • Doors: 2
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Brand: Coleman

Product Description

The Coleman weather master is a six-person tent. It consists of a segregated floorless screen room that allows its user to breathe fresh air and stay protected at the same time. The screen room provides a great ventilation system. Users can also have bug protected meals inside the room.

It has a WeatherTec System that features absorbable welded flooring and an inverted seam (layer), which assists you in keeping yourself dry, and it also features a flysheet for extra weather protection.

It has room to stretch out, which measures 11 x 9 feet with 6-foot 8-inch center height; the screen room measures 9 x 6 feet. Meaning without having to bend down, people can stand comfortably in it, also very feasible for tall people.

It is very spacious, and to be accurate, it could contain two queen size air mattresses. It also has stockpiling pockets, to assist you with keeping your things in order. The angled windows improve air dissemination without giving water access. A pivoted entrance enables you to enter and leave the tent without having to zip and unzip the doors again and again.

An attached E-Port makes it convenient to bring electrical power inside your camp, making your stay feasible and comforting. Users can charge their cellphones, use an electric kettle or other electrical appliances, and enjoy their camping trip at the same time without any discomfort and inconveniences.

Sturdy Poly guard texture is the material of the tent, and this six men tent will last back to back seasons. The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person takes about 20 minutes to set up and stashes safely in the incorporated elastic handbag. Customers will find the instructions on the carry bag.

It is very portable and easy to use. These come in different colors, and every customer can choose the color of his or her liking. The product has a one-year limited warranty to ensure the quality concerns of the buyers.


  • A very huge, bug protected screen room with an excellent ventilation system.
  • It consists of two rooms with a large sleeping floor area, 1.5 square meters per person.
  • There are many large windows on all sides.
  • Leak-free seams and wind durable frame
  • E-port which makes usage of electronic devices accessible.
  • Very economical.


  • Not enough pockets.
  • Not free-standing.

Best suited for

It is very durable and comfortable for a small family. We would recommend that if you have 4 to 6 family members, it would be your best choice. This is great for road camping when you are traveling by car and also very convenient for extended outdoor camping adventures.

Travelers have found this with a perfect scale of the balance, and recommend it as the safest hot tents for winter camping.

Not so great for

It is not very suitable for the cold climate because firstly its front entrance is loose at the bottom and secondly it cannot withstand a massive snowstorm.

Summary for customer review

Most of the clients purchase these tents for their screened rooms. It’s the most beautiful part. Although most of the reviews are positive, some of its clients complain about the leakage when faced with heavy rains.

2. Coleman 8-Person Waterproof Family Tent

Coleman 8-person tent | instant family tent


  • Weight: 38.0 pounds
  • Capacity: 8
  • Doors: 2
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Brand: Coleman

Product Description

This product is best for large families. As we could see from its name, it can accommodate up to 8 people. With some modifications, the Coleman 8-Person is a 14ft x 10ft spacious. It could fit four queen-sized air mattresses, which means that eight people could sleep easily and comfortably without rolling onto each other. It is made up of Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric so it can withstand the harshness of the weather and keep the campers safe from the rigors of outdoor.

It has WeatherTec System, which incorporates a tub floor with welded corners, ensured seams, secured zippers to stop the water to come inside. The coordinated flysheet gives additional climate assurance. This system comes in handy while camping in the rainy season, and it offers the feeling of protection and security to its users.

Very effortless to use, it saves the user from many long steps and doesn’t take much time to set up. Thanks to its pre-attached poles, its set-up takes about 1 minute. Due to its smooth and instant set-up, it is very convenient for the people to whom camping activity is something new or for the people who have recently started camping.

It features in-built storage pockets that keep the small gear in its place and off the floor. And its rugged twofold thick fabric can resist outside rigors, season after season. As it is very spacious, it has room to loosen up or stretch out with a 6ft and 7-inch center height. Meaning it is also very convenient for tall people. Campers can stand easily without having to bend down.

They are available in different colors; buyers can choose the color according to their taste and liking. The product has a one-year limited warranty to ensure the quality concerns of the buyers.


  • Fastpitch and instant set-up
  • Protected seams increase its resistance against the harsh weather by folding needle holes inside the tent.
  • Wind durable frame – it is built in such a way so it can be wind resistant even in stormy weather.
  • Zipper protection – a zipper cuff made of climate-safe fabric adds assurance from the components to the entrance door.
  • Waterproof floors – Welding-inspired innovation makes the floor stronger and reliable, and it ultimately gets rid of needle gaps.


  • It is a large tent, and the storage bag given for it is not large enough to squeeze it in comfortably.
  • The pegs are excessively small – the nails given for it are too short that it can’t provide enough support. You can anyway supplant these pegs and effectively strengthen the quality of the tents by enabling it to withstand solid breezes better.

Best suited for

It can accommodate all the members of a big family in a single tent and enjoy together. There is no need for a separate shelter for everyone, so it will save you from the hassle of carrying different tents for everyone. It also consists of a divider which solves all your privacy concerns.

It is best for tropical atmospheres due to its large screened windows. Together with the two entrances, the tent can stay cool as the night progressed. With the 6.5 feet center height, it is very comfortable and convenient, even for tall individuals. There is sufficient headspace to move inside freely without any difficulty.

Not so great for

This tent has its vulnerabilities; it is not convenient for camping in remote areas. Because of its large size and solid posts, it has a lot of weight (43 lbs.), this makes it too cumbersome even to consider carrying it around in an unpleasant landscape. When you decide to buy this shelter, make sure that you are not camping in an area with a rough surface, and your camping area should be car accessible.

Summary of customer review

Customers who have utilized this tent praise about its large inside. It is also appreciated for good quality material used in its construction. Although there are no vents in its rooftop, the windows and more than one entrances allow the air to circulate freely inside the tent. In other words, this is the most reliable tent in high winds.

Clients are additionally surprised by the simple steps of its set-up, even though its size is gigantic. Maybe the drawback that numerous Amazon reviewers notice is squeezing the tent into its storage bag.  Even a folded tent still needs a big trunk or a larger vehicle to fit in. That’s why it doesn’t fit in most of the car trunks.

3. Browning Big Horn Family Camping Tent

Browning camping big horn tent


  • Weight: 36.1 pounds
  • Capacity: 8
  • Doors: 2
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Brand: Browning Camping

Product Description

The Big Horn Series from Browning Camping gives a different significance to a home away from home! It is a two-room tent which can accommodate five people. Utilizing fiberglass poles and steel uprights, the Big Horn Tents flaunts an unattached lodge tent structure that enables it to resist and withstand different conditions and elements it faces.

It has enough room to stretch out with its extra tall center height; this makes changing clothes or getting ready for very bed convenient. You don’t have to bend down while performing any kind of action. Apart from an extra-tall roof, it also consists of straight side walls which gives more room for bunks, side tables, or whatever else you want to put in your tent.

It has an excellent ventilation system because of its large entrance (doorways), and windows allow air to circulate freely. The factory-sealed fly and floor creases are induced the Big Horn Tents for ideal wet climate assurance and protection, and the flysheet is safely stored in a place, utilizing weatherproof clasps for maximum movability. The Big Horn is great for a hunting trip or backyard adventure. So don’t miss the opportunity to grab it for your next trip and it will give you the whole new camping experience.


  • An excellent ventilation system (two doors and four windows allows the air to circulate freely)
  • Free-standing design
  • The high-quality material used in its construction.
  • High ceiling
  • Spacious


  • The first time camper can find difficulty in setting it up.
  • It is has a lot of weight due to its size.

Best suited for

This Big Horn is suitable for all seasons. Its 150D oxford floor is very hefty and robust, giving it additional longevity.  It is ideal for families who need to camp for long periods and with two relatively large rooms protect everybody. The fly clasps are likewise customizable, perfect for the campers who need full command over their tents. You can use these kinds of tents on different types of surfaces or landscapes and conditions. So basically, it is an all-rounder of extreme cold weather tents.

Not so great for

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent is suitable for a lot of things; however, it’s too big for a solitary camper. It has a lot of room and space, but in case if you are camping alone and don’t carry a lot of gear, The Big Horn is excessive and unreasonable to an extreme.

Summary for customer reviews

Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent surveys on online stores are sure. Most of the clients give it five stars. The general opinion is that the set-up is simple and has a lot of space for families. Reviews from clients show that it isn’t just sturdy and resistant, but the services provided to customers are very reliable.

Many clients (reviewers) utilized the tent during storms and announced no issues with spills. For this alone, it is worth buying. Different surveys about the Big Horn say that it is adaptable and enables them to arrange the insides differently. Many reviewers even posted its pictures.

There is some criticism, but as compared to other tents, the Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent, it has the most positive reviews and is less expensive in comparison to other products.

4. The Original-Authentic Standing Family Cabin Tent

The original-authentic standing room family cabin tent


  • Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 4
  • Doors: 2
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Brand: Standing Room Tents

Product Description

This tent is designed for 10X10 Straight leg canopies and incorporated with an 8.5ft headroom; this allows even the tallest person to stand, stretch out and roam around with ease. Its rooftop (the ceiling) has a waterproof material, which makes sure that the tent stays dry, meaning it will stop the water from coming inside.

It consists of a full tub style floor. It can support almost any 10’x10′ (straight leg) shade or gazebo with a vaulted roof as its cover. The setting up process for this is fast and easy, and it sets up just in a few minutes even children can help. The steps and instructions provided are easy to understand and follow. It also incorporates a storage bag.

It can accommodate four people. It has two wide entrances (doors), and two huge windows with an attached zipper (XL Model consist of four entries and a beautiful view of zippered skylight. It permits simple entrance and exit from any side and capacity to “stack” at least two tents together for extra room.

There are four comfortable pouches having storage options located inside the tent. Cellphones, extra batteries, hanging towels, clothes, and other things can be kept in these perimeters of loop ties. It comprises of two E-ports that allow the user to use electrical appliances conveniently.

We are positive that you will be 100% satisfied with our product, but still, we provide you 30 days money-back guarantee. You will surely love this product, so grab it as soon as you can for your next camping trip.


  • The cabin area is extensive and spacious
  • Wide entrances at the front and backside of the tent, which enables convenient entry and exit.
  • Huge windows allow the air to circulate freely.
  • A connected floor that appears as though it would be able to block the water from entering into the tent.
  • Easy and fast set up.
  • These tents also have UV protection.


  • Stakes are not provided. Customers have to buy it separately.
  • Matching covers are also not included in the product.

Best suited for

It is suitable for small families or a small group of friends. Along with being waterproof, it also comes with an animal protector so you can feel protected with your kids around.

Not so great for

Even though it comes with an animal protector, but due to its colossal size, it may attract wild animals. So it is better not to use it for camping in wild areas.

Summary for customer reviews

Most of the customer reviews show that the users are satisfied with the quality, comfort, and they especially liked the cabin areas of the tent. The client survey shows that the majority of the clients were pleased with the protection system of this product. Coleman weather technology is part of the product. Some travelers have described as the best waterproof tent in 2020.

5. Weanas Professional Backpacking 4 Person Tent

Weanas professional backpacking tent


  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Capacity: 1-4
  • Doors: 2
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Brand: Weanas

Product Description

Weanas Tents are suitable to accommodate up to 4 people in all the seasons except winter. These backpacking tents are available in 4 colors, and the extra green size is the best one having the dimensions upgraded from 7’3” to 8”.

It has access from two doors having in and out options with classical interior design. It is convenient and most comfortable than the other tent and the most suitable one for bad weather. The windows have proper brace option in it, and the outside of the tent, i.e., tent roof has an excellent ventilation system, users can operate it according to their requirements. It is effortless to assemble and use.

It consists of a multipurpose outer layer, and users utilize it as a storage room for shoes and backpacks. Its exterior door curtain can be folded upside and fixed with a clip. Its usage is simple.

It has a professional waterproof and stub adhesive fabric. It has been quality tested with a waterproof index of almost 4000mm. It also has a windproof system with having a strong skeleton with the tent nails, and this makes it the best family tent for the bad weather. It has also been special UV coating with an SPF proof layer and then the nylon that is breathable and has the best ventilation system.

Moreover, it is easiest to install, and a person can install it without any help in a few minutes. It incorporates a high strength support system made of aluminum, and they are light in weight and can stand with higher pressure, and it can also describe as the safest tent for a family in bad weather situation.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • It can withstand heavy rainfall.
  • It has two doors for comfortable entrance and exit.
  • Great ventilation system.
  • It is very light weighted (weighing just 4 pounds)


  • The tents are not very spacious.
  • There are some issues with the zipper getting on tent material.

Best suited for

It is best for small families. As it is a light in weight, so carrying it around is easy and it is most suitable for long camping trips.

Not so great for

As it is not very spacious, so it is not convenient and suitable for large families or a large group of friends. It is durable in harsh weather conditions, but it may collapse in extreme conditions.

Summary for customer reviews

According to most of the customers, this tent meets their expectations. But there is also some criticism. Due to its lightweight, the outer tent keeps flapping in the wind, and the noise produced by it disturbs the campers in their sleep. Overall, it has good reviews, and almost all clients appreciate its rain resistance, and some called it waterproof family camping tents for 2020.


All of these tents are most reliable tent in the market. Campers may face a downpour, so most of these tents are completely waterproof and are the best tents for heavy rain. They can also withstand the pressure of the sharp wind so they can also be called the tents for the high winds.

These best family tents for bad weather are also available on Amazon. You can find their detailed reviews and buyer reviews on the website.


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