Top 5 Extreme Cold Weather Tents With Stoves


Maybe a few years back, it was not possible to get a tent with so many facilities. But with the fast advancement in technology, now we can find all luxuries and facilities within our easy reach. So, if you are planning to go on a camping trip in winter, make sure to purchase cold weather tents with stoves. They will make your trip safe, warm, and comfortable. You can choose your canopy according to your convenience from the following best winter camping tents with stove.

Winter camping is always adventurous and exciting, but it has some risks due to sudden harsh changes in the weather. In winters, there are more chances of getting pneumonia if you expose yourself to the cold weather without taking any precautions. Pneumonia is a kind of disease that can take you to your death bed. It can turn your adventure into a disaster.

Therefore, your primary concern should be to keep yourself warm at all costs. Make sure to buy warm clothes, blankets, and, most importantly, a durable cold weather canvas that has all the facilities and equipment like stove jacks and e-ports to keep yourself warm and healthy in the cold environment. Risking your life for an adventure is stupidity and suicide, so if you want to go, then go well prepared.

top 5 best cold weather tents with stoves for camping

Name Capacity Windows Rating Price
White Duck Outdoors Avalon Bell Tent With Stove Jack 8 to 10 Persons 10 to 12 4.8/5 Check price
PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Bell Tent With Stove Hole 10 Persons 4 3.7/5 Check price
DANCHEL Outdoor Cotton Bell Tent With Two Stove Jack 5 to 8 Persons 4 3.9/5 Check price
Stout Bell Outdoor Tent 6 to 8 Persons 4 5/5 Check price
White Duck Waterproof 6-10 Persons Tent 8 to 14 Persons 4 to 6 4.6/5 Check price

The best 5 extreme cold weather tents – Expert Advice

If you have a large family and trying to find the best cold weather tents, then go for Outdoor Waterproof Large Canvas Wall Tent as they can easily accommodate upto ten people. Most of these products have a warranty. Therefore, you can buy any of these tents without worrying and overthinking. You can purchase these products online from amazon, and you can get all the reviews from their website. All these products are expensive, therefore look for the best canvas which can complete your needs and requirement. You will find these products as one of the best backpacking canvas with stove jack.

Cold weather tents with stoves

1. White Duck Outdoors Avalon Bell Tent With Stove Jack

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent


  • Capacity: 8-10
  • Windows: 10-12
  • Roof Vents: 4
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Brand: WHITEDUCK

Product Description

This premium luxury Avalon canvas bell shape canvas features 5” wide stove jack opening using vinyl fire retardant material with a flap. The stove will help you to keep yourself warm in cold conditions. Thanks to this facility, you can now have warm food, tea, or coffee inside your camp shelter.

It consists of zipped-in, 16 oz, highly dense, or thick PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) groundsheet, which makes it highly water-resistant. The groundsheet is detachable, and it features a hook and eye system to make it flat for movement. You can roll up the walls of these tents. Both their removable groundsheet and rolled up walls maximize the ventilation of the canvas.

This non-freestanding, 4-season tent has a breathable but completely waterproof fabric. It only has one roof, but with 3ft and 91cm side-walls and over 9ft roof height, it has enough space to fit all your essentials, and it also allows you to stand, move around and change clothes without bending and twisting. With four storage pockets, this canvas provides you with more space for your necessities or other stuff.

It has four, 3-layered, mesh windows and a 2-layered, UV-resistant, No-see-um mesh door for entrance and exit. These mesh doors and windows stop all kinds of bugs and insects from coming inside, and they allow you to enjoy the view without being unprotected.  All the windows and door comes with sturdy, trouble-free military-grade YKK zippers (three-way zippers) for maximum performance. Along with these windows, it also has four mesh vents with hoods on the top for perfect air circulation. You can use these four windows with detachable bug mesh to attach a sleeping pod for additional capacity.

This bell-shaped canvas consists of one thick central 1.1/4 inches galvanized steel pole with Dee for hanging light, and a 1-inch galvanized steel A-frame for the door that allows a broader and more convenient entrance. It also provides sufficient space for creating a beautiful stay area, and you can decor it according to your liking. You can furnish it with hanging decorations to give an exotic view to it

They have 1/4”, UV-resistant Dura ropes made from polyester. These ropes are pre-attached with a triangular metal rope tension adjusters and elastic cords. These tension cords work efficiently on the entrance door and rain flap to keep the water from coming inside. All the seams of the tents have dual stitching, and their reinforced corner provides additional strength.

It has a 10-15 minutes simple setup. A single person can alone pitch it without any help. It is also equipped with 100% polyester waterproof bag with carry-straps for their packaging and carriage.

It comes in different sizes. It has eight windows, while eight and twelve-person tent have 10 and 12 windows, respectively. Make sure to keep it clean and dry when it is not in your usage.


  • They have perfect ventilation systems.
  • The fabric used in its construction is waterproof yet breathable.
  • These tents are highly durable.
  • They are 4-season tents so that you can utilize them in all climatic conditions.
  • These tents have 3-layered windows with detachable bug mesh.
  • They have a fire-retardant stove jack opening.


  • These tents are very heavy.
  • Due to their quality and functionality, they are quite expensive.

Best suited for

This is pefect for large families of 8 members, and even though it is appropriate and works excellent in all four seasons, it performs best in a warm climate.

Not so great for

It is a massive and heavy in weight, so you cannot carry it on your back, and you will need a car for its transportation. It is also quite expensive; therefore, it is not affordable for people with a low budget range.

Summary review

All the reviews are positive except for one or two complaints about the quality of metal stakes. You can consider these tents as one of the best 4-season tents with stove jack. Customers are thrilled with the amount of space it provides. Users are also pleased with their customer and delivery services.

2. PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent With Stove Hole

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent With Stove Hole


  • Capacity: 10
  • Windows: 4
  • Size: 3M to 7M
  • Rating: 3.7/5
  • Brand: PlayDo

Product Description

The material of this canvas is sturdy and durable, and 300 gsm of cotton fabric is used in its construction. This heavy-duty fabric is completely waterproof and can resist heavy wind, rain, and snow too. They have taped stitched seams; therefore, this canvas wall bell tent can withstand light and moderate showers.

The floor is made from PVC waterproof material and is zipped to the sides. It provides an electric cable hole that allows you to use electrical appliances inside your canvas.

It consists of a frame door and four screen-windows. It has a fantastic ventilation system. Along with zippable mesh windows, these tents also have air vents with a net at the top for maximum air circulation. In summer, you can also roll up your walls to enjoy the cool breeze while sitting inside your camp.

It is also a 4-season tent so that you can use it at any time of the year. This canvas wall has a wood-burning stove vent at the top instead of at side-walls. This vent is 5 inches in diameter. With this service now, you can cook your meals and enjoy tea or coffee inside. You can also benefit from the warmth it creates inside your tent. You can cover this stove jack hole with durable straps when you don’t need to use it anymore.

This bell-shaped teepee tent is very spacious. It can easily fit an air bed, a small table still leaving plenty of space to move around and hang out with your friends or family. It comes in 5 different sizes; the largest one can fit upto eight people. The one with a smaller volume of 5 m in diameter can also fit three queen-size air beds.

It has an easy setup, and even one person can pitch the tent single handedly without facing any difficulty. It comes with a carry bag. And all the accessories are packed in this bag. These tents have fast shipping service, and they are delivered within eight days after you place your order.


  • It comes with an electric cable hole, so you can charge your cellphones and use electrical appliances.
  • You can roll up their walls for better ventilation.
  • They are easy to assemble, and their pitching is simple.
  • They have taped stitched seams for better resistance against high winds and heavy downpours.
  • They have a large floor area.


  • Their main zipper is not smooth enough. It is not easy to move, and it may get stuck due to its stiffness.

Best suited for

You can use these cold weather tents with stoves for glamping, hunting, and hiking, etc. As they come in different sizes, so they are ideal for both small and large families. It is also a 4-season tent, and it works great in cold weather; therefore, we can rate it as one of the best winter tents with wood stoves.

Not so great for

It might not be the best in scorching summer days.

Summary review

Most of the reviews are positive, with few complaints of missing parts. Apart from that, stiffness is also observed in the main zipper of this tent by many users. Clients are pleased with the space and quality of it, as many of them have tested it in storms and other harsh climatic conditions.

3. DANCHEL Outdoor Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jack

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket


  • Capacity: 5-8
  • Windows: 4
  • Size: 3M to 6M
  • Rating: 3.9/5

Product Description

It is designed with a piece of heavy-duty khaki cotton fabric. This fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and it can also withstand snowfalls. Their bathtub designed floor keeps the water out from it. We have tested it for about a whole year, even in high winds and heavy downpours, there was no leakage.

This cotton canvas has two stove jacks, one at the top and one on the wall. The size of each hole is 3.9inch in diameter. Both stove jacks are of good quality and meet the standard of industry stoves. These stoves jacks are installed professionally in the tents for your safety and decency of the shelter. They have high-temperature resistance strips around the stove jacket, and when tested, even in 500 degrees, it did not get a burn or melt. When not in use, you can cover it with a flap.

It consists of SBS zippers on the floor, and you can roll up the side walls allowing the cool breeze to enter your tent. These zippers are waterproof. Their door zipper junction has an insect protected material. They don’t leave any space for the insect to enter the tent. It is also equipped with a storage bag within your close reach for your essentials and accessories.

It has a simple set up. One center pole and one door pole fixes by pegs and stakes give stability and support to the tent. And both tent and carry bag has a logo on them. It is indeed an example of beauty with simplicity.

You don’t have to worry about getting your money wasted as these tents have a 5-year warranty. Their customer service is quick, and they solve your problems within six days. And they also provide you with a solve-plan within 24 hours.


  • They have large doors for easy entrance and exit.
  • High-quality material is used in their construction, which provides resistance from rainstorms, winds, and snowfalls.
  • They have a 5-year quality warranty.
  • These tents have temperature resistant strips around their stove jacks.
  • These tents have air vents along with the windows for maximum ventilation.


  • These tents are heavy and expensive.

Best suited for

With a stove, it can fit 5- 6 people. It is suitable in both warm and cold climatic conditions. You can use it as your travel house in your lawns, yard, forests, mountains, even in cement floor plaza or house roof plane. For the cement floor, you need to use stone stakes or expansion screw or construction nail.

Not so great for

It is not suitable for solo camping as it is heavy. It is not affordable for people having a low budget range.

Summary review

Almost all the reviews are positive, just a few complaints about the size of stove-pipes and not being enough heat resistant. But it comes with a warranty, so you can always change it or get your money back if there is any problem or defect in the product. Their users consider them as one of the best airtight wall tents with stoves.

4. Stout Bell Outdoor Tent

Stout Bell Tent


  • Capacity: 6-8
  • Size: 4M to 5M
  • Windows: 4
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Brand: Stout Tent

Product Description

This one is 100% cotton canvas; the material used in its construction is of good quality with a leak proof guarantee. It also has zipped in groundsheet; this feature allows you to roll up your tent walls so that you can enjoy the cool breeze of summers inside your tent. And this also maximizes air circulation for better breathing.

It can fit three queen size mattresses on which six adults can sleep, and if you are using camping cots, then eight adults can sleep on these cots. It can take an intermittent heat rating of 500 degrees and the direct heat rating of 350 degrees.

It is equipped with a 5” stove jack that meet the quality standard of industry stoves. This stove jack is installed professionally in the tents for your safety and for the integrity of the tent. With the help of this stove jack, now you can enjoy a warm environment, warm food, tea, or coffee inside your tent, especially in winter seasons. You can cover your stove jacks with a flap when they are not in use.

Their high-quality mesh screen door and four windows provide maximum ventilation while keeping the bugs and insects outside your canvas. You can also enjoy the outside view through the screen door and windows from inside your tent.

These tents use pro-metal sliders as tensioners on their guy-lines. These sliders are far better than those typical plastic sliders, and they are long-lasting and highly resistant to UV-rays. These sliders don’t snap or collapse from these harsh rays.

Also, check out other models. We have different models as well, and our double wall model comes with an extended inner mesh wall along the whole base wall of the casnvas.


  • Their pro-metal UV-resistant sliders provide stability and strength.
  • High-grade quality material is used in its construction.
  • Vents are also available.
  • They have a very pleasant interior.
  • Their 100% cotton fabric is breathable.


  • These tents are heavy and long when packed.
  • They are also expensive.

Best suited for

These cold weather tents are suitable in both cold and warm weather conditions. These tents are for large families. With a wood stove, these tents can perform as one of the best winter tents with stove jacks.

Not so great for

As they are long when packed so they cannot fit in cars with small trunks.

Summary review

Most of the customers have given them five stars. There are a few complaints about their zippers. Some users also faced problems in their packing due to their weight.

5. White Duck Waterproof Outdoors Alpha large Wall 6-10 Persons Tent

White Duck Waterproof Outdoors Alpha large Wall 6-10 Persons Tent


  • Capacity: 8-14
  • Stove Jack: 5
  • Windows: 4-6
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Brand: WHITEDUCK

Product Description

It is a complete tent with an aluminum frame, rafter angle kit, and free-floating PVC floor; you don’t need to buy them additionally. It includes 5” stove jack with a flap which will allow you to enjoy a warm environment, warm food, tea, or coffee, especially in winter seasons. This canvas wall tent also has a 6” shade with an extra flap for rain protection.

They also feature triple-layer, massive triangular windows with a polyvinyl storm flap. These windows maximize the air circulation inside the tent, and they give a clear outside view. The doors and windows come with PVC dipped mesh, which is strong. The doors are designed with buckle fastening system, with over flap across their panels for additional protection and to keep it dry in heavy downpours and harsh winds.

This 4-season tent is very spacious, and it can fit upto ten people. These canopies come in various sizes; the largest tent can accommodate ten people. Their side-walls are 5 ft high, and they have a center height of 8.5 ft. Therefore, they have enough room for a person to stand and roam around.

By adding vestibule, which provides additional functional room, and by adding rain fly for extra protection, we can increase the flexibility of this tent. These vestibules come in different sizes.

Their walls and floating groundsheet have heavy-duty, 16 oz Polyvinyl fabric. This fabric is waterproof and UV-resistant. All the essentials of the tents are packed in a waterproof carry bag for easy transport and convenient storage. Their Military-grade YKK zippers enhance and prolong their life and durability. The seams of this tent are double-stitched, and corners are folded inside to stop the water from coming in.

It has a simple setup, and due to its massive size, it takes two to three people to pitch this tent. Their high-quality metal brackets and lightweight anodized aluminum robust poles keep the tent fixed in the ground.


  • Their groundsheet and walls are waterproof and UV-resistant.
  • It is very spacious.
  • The seams of this tent are double stitched.
  • They are durable and more long-lasting as compared to other tents.
  • They have additional aluminum frame, rafter angle kit, and free-floating PVC floor.


  • They are very expensive.
  • These tents don’t provide a set of instructions for their setup.

Best suited for

This large outdoor tent is perfectly suited for elk hunting, family tents for camping, glamping, and even just living in a tent. It is like your home away from home!

Not so great for

These tents are not great for your solo camping trips. A single person cannot pitch this tent as they are huge in size and heavy.

Summary review

Almost all the client had a pleasant experience with this product. But few have complained about the missing instructions for its setup. Their poles or also packed with the floor; therefore, they were difficult to pack. Although they are quite expensive, these tents are the best winter tents with stove jack on the market.

How to Choose Extreme Cold Weather Tents

People usually don’t go for camping trips in winter, but there are some daredevil adventurers and professional campers who love to camp even in the winter season. For these weather trips, winter tent with stove jack are the best. Camping in winter has its charms and to get a chance to enjoy campfires with friends and family in cold weather is too irresistible. But before going on this adventure, it is important to take some precautions. So, if you are planning to buy a tent for your next camping trip in winter, you should know all the details about backpacking tent with stove jack.

Winter Tent With Stove Jack

There are many advantages to buying a canopy with a stovepipe at the roof. It keeps you warmer, and you can always cook your food and make tea or coffee. These tents are not only for hardcore adventurers or professional campers, refugees and other homeless people can also benefit from it and use these tents as their shelter.

To save you from the bother of searching and finding all the necessary details, we have gathered all the information in this article that you will need for your winter tent.

The following are the features that you must check before buying yourself a winter canvas with stove jack.

Pipe hole

When you are purchasing a tent, check whether it has a pipe hole or not. If there is a pipe hole, then check the size of the hole, it will help you in choosing the right stove if it is not the part of the product. I would recommend Russian-Bear Tent because it already has a stove, so you will save yourself from the hassle of buying a stove and tent separately.

Also, do check the placement of the pipe hole because if it is positioned on the facet walls, the wind won’t have a maximum impact while blowing off the smoke and sparks. It may additionally blow them back into the tent. DANCHEL cotton bell tents are the best because they have two jacks for your stove placement.



No specific material is required. Whether its 100% cotton, Oxford 240 D, or any other fabric as long as it is durable and waterproof, it is good enough. Winter tents usually come in double layers because these stovepipe holes are generally meant for winter tents.

Easy setup

If you camp quite often, then try buying an instant or bell-shaped tent. They are single-pole tents with easy installation. A single person can pitch them without any hassle. Therefore, framed tents should not be your first option.

Freestanding or not

In the case of frozen ground, buy a freestanding tent instead of the tents as mentioned above because you need to stake them properly.


tent ventilation

Make sure that it has at least one proper door and two windows for cross ventilation. Because if the air does not cross, it may cause a problem in breathing, especially with a burning stove.

Weight and packed size

Most of the tents with stoves are heavy and bulky, so it is not necessary to check their weight. But these tents are usually car camping tents so you should check their packed size to see that whether they fit in your car trunk or not.


The amount of space you will require depends on how many people are going to share it with you. You need to check the canvas you are purchasing that how many people it can fit with a stove. If you are a group of 6 to 7 people, then go for larger tents.


You should always check for the price, but usually, you won’t find many cheap tents with stove jack in the market. Winter tents with wood stove and stove jacks are mostly expensive. If you want to buy a high-quality canvas with so many features, then you should spend more money as well.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions that may arise in your mind.

Is there any drawback of buying winter camping tents with wood stoves?

Winter tents with stoves are safe if you buy them from a good brand because these brands use high-quality material around the stoves to avoid any accident. But if you are buying a cheap tent with a stove jack, there is no guarantee that it will be 100% safe.

Why should you have the stove pipe when you can have mesh windows instead?

Mesh windows provide proper ventilation and airflow, but when it comes to getting rid of the smoke that rises from a burning stove, they are not as effective as pipe holes because they direct the smoke outside. Many tents don’t come with a stovepipe hole, which then forces you to make a fire outside.

Can I buy a winter tent with a stove for an extra-large family?

Winter camping tents with a stove comes to an extensive range. If you even have an extra-large family, you can easily find a winter camp with stove jack in the market that would fit your family.

What is the primary feature that a winter tent must-have?

The primary feature that winter tents with stove should have is a waterproof fabric. The fabric should not be hefty, but it should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of high winds, snow, and rainstorms.

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Well, I have done my research and came up with the best five extreme cold weather tents with stoves. Now it’s your turn to choose the best cold weather canvas which completes all of your needs and requirement for your next camping trip. The above mention products are the best tents with stove jack available in the market. You can find these products on Amazon with all the product information and reviews.


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