How to Inflate an Air Mattress Without a Pump?


Today, the best possible way to inflate an air mattress is by using an external electric pump, and no other technology can beat it for now.

Still, have you ever thought what you will do if your pump breaks down? Or you forget to bring it with you? Don’t panic, and if you ever find yourself in this situation, there are a couple of tips that could quickly solve your problem.

Here, we have listed four best methods to blow up air mattress without pump. These methods are basic DIY alternatives that may prove to be useful when you expect the least.

Different Methods to Inflate an Air Mattress

how to blow up an air mattress

Technique I: Vacuum Cleaner

If your external electric pump stops working, a vacuum cleaner could be a great alternative. But to work, the vacuum cleaner must have a hose attachment. When using a vacuum cleaner, here is what you should keep in mind.

Your vacuum cleaner should not have any dirt or discarded matter. Before using for your mattress inflation, run your cleaner for some time around the house or outside until you are sure that it is clean.

After cleaning your vacuum from dust and debris, take your inflatable mattress and lay it down on a clean and level surface. Then open the valve of your mattress and attach the nozzle of the valve to your cleaner’s hose. Make sure that the connection between nozzle and hose is airtight.

If you don’t find this technique workable, then purchase a connector. With a connector, you can easily connect the nozzle and hose.

Adjust your vacuum cleaner to reverse mode and then switch it on so it can blow out air instead of drawing it in. Now, your vacuum cleaner should inflate your mattress in no time.

After you are done, close the nozzle immediately to keep any air from escaping and giving lumps to your sleeping mattress.

Technique II: Fill up your air mattress using hair dryers

Don’t worry if you don’t have an air pump; you can use a hairdryer, which is a good alternative for the inflation of your air mattress.

In contrast to the vacuum cleaner, the hairdryer is simpler to use. But because it isn’t as effective and viable as the vacuum cleaner, so your hair dryer may take longer to fill up your inflatable mattress.

In any case, when utilizing a hairdryer, there are a couple of precautionary measures that you need to remember before picking your dryer as an air pump for your sleeping air mattress. These precautions are:

Make sure not to go with hot air because it will harm your mattress seams, which will lead to punctures and leaks in your mattress. And if you blew hot air in your air mattress a little longer, it will destroy it.

Hot air also damages the areas that are patched with the help of duct tape. So, you should adjust your hairdryer settings to cold air.

After adjusting your dryer settings to cold air, you should connect it to the nozzle of your mattress and fill it up until it reaches the required firmness. When your sleeping mattress sets properly, detach the dryer at once to prevent any air loss.

Technique III: Trash Bags

Trash bags are also known as refuse bags. It may sound somewhat insane; however, these bags always come in handy when you need to inflate your air mattress without any external air pump.

Refuse bags aren’t the fastest approaches to inflate your sleeping mattress; however, with some patience, they will give you satisfactory results.  Here is the easiest way to blow your air mattress through trash bags.

  1. Before doing anything else, buy a high-quality large trash bag. The trash bag needs to be large so that you can trap a significant amount of air at each time.
  2.  Take your trash bag and swing it around to fill it with air. When the air is caught in, seal the open end of your trash bag tightly with your hand forming a massive air bubble inside it.
  3. Attach the open end of your plastic bag to the nozzle of your mattress and grip it firmly. And then squeeze the plastic bag to allow the trapped air to pump into the air mattress through the nozzle.
  4. To acquire the right firmness, you need to repeat the procedure for maybe more than ten times.
  5. Make sure to close the valve as soon as you push in the air to prevent any loss of air.

Technique IV: Leaf Blower

The leaf blower is certainly not a typical technique. But it is a good option, and it works just fine.  Leaf blowers usually blow out air; therefore, using them for mattress inflation is a practical approach.

If you are using a leaf blower to inflate your mattress, then you need to be patient. Leaf blowers take a lot of time to inflate because they waste so much air and allow only a small amount of air to go into your mattress.

You don’t need any expertise to inflate your air mattress with a leaf blower. Just place the mouth of your blower on the nozzle of your mattress and start it to blow air into your sleeping pad. It will take some time, but your air mattress will be filled.

Keep in mind, it is slower than a vacuum cleaner and pump, but it is better than a refuse bag.

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Final Words

Inflating your mattress without an external electric pump is not easy, and it is tricky as well. Nonetheless, you don’t need to take the stress any longer; because with our mentioned tricks and techniques, you can set your mattress in no time. Get your inflatable sleeping mattress and hit the road for your outdoor camping trip. Now you don’t need that generator set any longer.


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