Top 5 Smallest Tent For Backpacking


If you are planning to go for solo camping or as a couple, then you should choose the best smallest tent for backpacking. Solo camping trips are fun, exciting, and peaceful. You can escape from your boring and busy routine life to spend quality and peaceful time. You can have stargazing experience, and you can enjoy the beautiful nature of this world created by god. Selecting the right one or any other product is not easy in today’s era, where there are so many scams.

For your convenience, we have put five branded smallest packed tents that are also one of the best budget backpacking tents with their descriptions, and pros and cons. We have also added customer summary reviews to give you proper and fair details about these products.

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Therefore we have selected all products from well-known brands that guarantee the durability and reliability of these products. These products have both the one and two person backpacking tent.

Name Capacity Material Rating Price
ALPS Mountaineering 3 Person Zephyr Tent 3 Persons Polyester 4.4/5 Check price
Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Lightweight Tent 2 Persons Polyester 4.6/5 Check price
River Country Products Backpacking 2 Person Tent 2 Persons Polyester 4.5/5 Check price
Bessport 1-2 Person Lightweight Waterproof Tent 1 to 2 Persons Polyester 4.7/5 Check price
Kelty Salida 1 Person Backpacking Tent 1 to 4 Persons Polyester 4.5/5 Check price

Best 5 smallest tent for backpacking – expert advice

If you are a family, then these tents are not for you as they can only accommodate one or two people. You will find the best smallest tent for backpacking in this article. All these tents are economical except Featherstone’s two-person backpacking tent; it is a little expensive. If you are planning to purchase River Country Products Trekker Tent 2, we recommend you to buy trekking poles for maximum performance as they are not part of the product. You can buy all these products online from amazon, and you can get all the reviews about each product on their website.

Smallest Tent for Backpacking

1. ALPS Mountaineering  3 Person Zephyr

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent


  • Capacity: 3
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Brand: ALPS Mountaineering

Product Description

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 3-person is a freestanding tent that is easy to assemble. It has two aluminium pole, and it doesn’t take much time to set it up. A single person can pitch this zephyr without any trouble and inconvenience.

The fabric used in the fly is polyester, which is strong enough to resist water and UV-rays. It consists of two vestibules that provide you with extra storage space to stash your gear or a place to change your wet and muddy gears before entering to your clean and dry tent.

These tents have two mesh doors that provide excellent ventilation. And the entire mesh walls of these tents improve air circulation, preventing the condensation from collecting inside. Having two doors on the right and left side of the canvas allows the campers to enter and exit without crawling over each other.

It has eight zippers, and with their mesh storage pockets, you can keep your essentials within reach of your hand. Their aluminium stakes and guy ropes give them the required grip and strength to withstand the pressure of winds.

The base size is 6’2 x 7’5, and with a Centre height of 41 inches, it has enough space for you to sit up and move around, but you cannot stand in without bending down. It is one of the smallest packed tents; the total weight is 6lbs. 2oz and minimum weight is 5 lbs. 5 oz.

It comes in two colors copper, rust, grey, and navy.


  • It is very economical.
  • It also consists of a vestibule for extra storage
  • This product has a lifetime limited warranty.
  • The poles are durable and robust
  • With entire mesh walls and two mesh doors it has an excellent ventilation system


  • There are slight pinholes in every corner of the tent floor.

Suitable for

It is ideal for solo camping. With an inner mesh, it is perfect for stargazing experience.

Not so great for

It is not a family tent, and with a flat roof, the puddles start forming on the rainfly, not allowing it to flow off efficiently in heavy rains. Therefore, it is better not to use them in extreme rainy areas.

Summary review

It is a durable and reliable shelter with good reviews. The previous customers have recommended to use seal spray for extra waterproofing and warn not to buy a footprint because they are useless. It is an excellent product, and it comes with a lifetime limited warranty; therefore, you can take a chance on it without any worries.

2. Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Lightweight Tent

Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Lightweight Tent for 3-Season


  • Capacity: 2
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Brand: Featherstone

Product Description

It is waterproof and durable. The manufacturers have designed it with a robust, tear-resistant, and light fabric that keeps you dry inside. Their micro-mesh fabric provides improved breathability and comfort, and it also prevents the condensation from collecting inside.

They have a 75-denier Ripstop Polyester rainfly with taped seam and 3000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating, which prevents it from sagging. And they also have a Nylon No-see-um Mesh canopy with 3000mm polyurethane hydrostatic graded coating.

This backpacking tent has enough room to fit two people comfortably. It is perfect for a single person or couple. With two doors, campers can enter and exit without disturbing each other. It also consists of two vestibules, which allow you to have additional storage space to stash your camping gears.

Their taped seams act like a hindrance or a strong barrier for rains. These seams keep the water out from it and prevent leakages. They have a bathtub designed floor that lifts the bottom to shield you or keep you away from the wet grounds.

It is a freestanding tent with a simple set up. They have a single aluminium pole, which makes it easier for the camper to pitch them and pack them into their bags. They have light and compact packing. As they are freestanding, you can move them and relocate them to a new place without having it to disassemble.

This is a 3-season backpacking tent, you can use these for hiking, fishing, kayaking, car camping, bike camping, or expeditions.

It is a product of a US-based company that provides you with a limited lifetime warranty. It has aluminum stakes that offer grip and stability to the tent. The canvas also includes a reflective guy line rope and a water-resistant footprint that provides extra protection and an ultralight setup.

This two person tent comes in two colors, UL Peridot 2P and UL Granite 2P.


  • It is very spacious for a two person tent.
  • It has a quick and simple setup.
  • Well resistant to water.
  • It packs down to a very small 16″ by about 7”-cylinder sized carry bag.
  • These tents are freestanding.


  • It is a little expensive.
  • The storage bag is small.

Suitable for

It is perfect for solo camping or if you are going as a couple. It provides ample space for two people. It is ideal for hiking, fishing, car camping, etc.

Not so great for

This one is not for people with low budgets. It is better not to use them in places with very high winds because their crossbar poles don’t have any mechanism of protection or attachments at its ends. The area where the cross pole hits the rainfly is not well sewn and thick, so it may slip or cause a hole.

Summary review

Most of the reviews are positive, and people consider these as one of the best two person backpacking tent. Few people faced difficulty in setting up in high winds. It takes at least two people to assemble it in such weather conditions. There are also complaints about their crossbar poles not having protection or attachment mechanism. But overall, these tents work perfectly with their guy lines and stakes.

3. River Country Products Backpacking Trekker For 2 Person

River Country Products Trekker Tent 2


  • Capacity: 2
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Brand: River Country Products

Product Description

It has a fast and simple setup. It takes about one minute to set it up, and to take it down is as smooth as its assembling. With a weight of 2lb and 12 oz, Trekker is one of the lightest 2 person backpacking tent on the market.

It’s 7ft long, and with the height of 42 inches and width of 5ft, it has more room than any other in the ultralight category. It is spacious for one person, but it can comfortably fit two people. One person can use it with gear, and if two people are using it, they must use it without gear because, with two people inside the tent, no space will be left for camping gears.

It is a 3-season tent. The fabric used in it is nylon, which is mid-weight and tear-resistant. Overall, the material used in is durable and robust. These tents also have fine mosquito netting that doesn’t allow mosquito and other bugs and insects to enter the tent. The front screen and the front entrance door can be separately curtained back by two sets of fasteners in the door folds and on the screen folds.

The bottom of this tent has a solid, thick, and poly-tarp like material, which makes it waterproof. It is very compact when packed, it packs down as small as a football, so it can easily fit inside your backpack, leaving space for other things. It works great for camping and hiking.

It works with most trekking pole over 42 inches long, but this product doesn’t include trekking poles. You can buy your trekking poles separately, or you could buy Trekker combo pack, which comes with trekking poles from amazon. As an alternative, you can also use sticks that are over 42 inches long, or you can fix it between two trees.

It includes a carry bag, orange guy lines, and eight ultra-light red aluminium.


  • They have an easy and fast set up.
  • The material used in its manufacturing is high-quality and waterproof.
  • It is very light in weight and is compact when packed.
  • Their entry flaps have Velcro to keep them close in windy conditions.
  • Their poly-tarp like bathtub bottom is durable, and it doesn’t require a footprint.


  • Not very breathable. Their 2.2 version has a more breathable design.
  • Not enough headroom to stand; it is a little awkward to enter and exit.

Suitable for

It is also ideal for solo camping or couples. It has a reasonable budget, so if you want to buy a good one in a reasonable price, this one is for you. You use it for hiking and solo camping as it is very light to carry.

Not so great for

it is not for families, and it is better to use it in dry places instead of wet locations.

Summary review

Most of the customers have given it five stars. Few faced the problem with the formation of condensation inside the tent. But you can always avoid condensation by adding and a tarp and then correctly using it. Use seam sealer and waterproof spray and buy trekking poles for maximum performance.

4. Bessport 1-2 Person Lightweight Backpacking Waterproof Tent

Bessport Camping Tent 1-2 Person Lightweight Backpacking Waterproof Tent


  • Capacity: 1-2
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Brand: Bessport

Product Description

With two vestibules, this tent spacious enough to accommodate two people at a time and so you can have extra space for stashing your camping gears. It consists of two D-shaped doors for easy entrance and exit. They have smooth and extra-large #8 zippers on their doors and vestibules. Their zipper cuff fabric is weather-resistant, so it protects against the elements that can enter through doorways. And their 2-way zipper makes it convenient to enter and exit.

It is a 3-season tent with a waterproof, breathable, and durable fabric. These tents have taped seams, and these seams act like a hindrance or a strong barrier for rains. These seams also keep the water out of the tent and prevent leakages. The welded floor design lifts the bottom of it to shield you or keep you away from the wet grounds. Like other waterproof tents, they also have full-coverage rainfly for extra immunity against rain.

It is a freestanding tent with two poles having clip pole attachment for lightweight. Because it is a freestanding and light in weight, it is easy to move and relocate without having to disassemble it. They have a quick setup of about 150 seconds.

Their ultra-light no-see-um mesh walls increase ventilation and stop the bugs and insects from coming inside. You can also enjoy the view through these walls. Their ripstop panels down low provide privacy and wind reduction without giving up its breathability.

It includes 7001 series aluminium alloy stakes and reflective guy lines that provide the required wind resistance. Their wind-responsive poles give them stability in windy, rainy, and snowy weather.

With a weight of 5.2 lbs, these tents are carried easily. Their interior floor has a size of 86.6 x 48.4 inches, and the internal height is 45.3 inches. The canopy interior has an area of 31sq.ft.

It comes in different sizes; the one person tent can fit one adult in a sleeping bag, and a 2 or 2.5-person tent can fit two adults in sleeping bags, or you can use 1 X-Long Twin Size airbeds for more comfortable camping.

A refund and replacing facility is also available for this freestanding ultralight tent.


  • They have a two-way zipper for convenient entrance and exit.
  • They have a quick setup.
  • They have an excellent ventilation system.
  • They have smooth zippers that never stick.
  • These are economical and affordable.


  • The upper flap of the rainfly gets caught in zipper easily.
  • It is a little hard to roll up and fit back in a carry bag.

Suitable for

This smallest tent is ideal for hiking to both short and distant locations because of its lightweight. As it comes in various sizes, the largest one can fit three people.

Not so great for

It is better not to use in harsh weather conditions.

Summary review

All the customers have given this product with five stars except one or two. The main complaint is about the upper flab of rainfly getting caught in the zipper. Most customers are pleased with the fabric. Some users have recommended using a footprint to ensure no moisture on the tent floor.

5. Kelty Salida 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking 1 Person Tent


  • Capacity: 1-4
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Brand: Kelty

Product Description

This tent has a roll-top cube carry bag, and their compact folding poles make it backpack-friendly. The fabric used  is waterproof and durable. They have 68D Polyester walls and 68D Nylon floor with 1800 mm coating. It has a spacious interior, which gives the campers a comfortable backcountry escape to relax. The floor of this tent covers an area of 20 ft2 / 1.86 m2, and its vestibule covers an area of 6.5 ft2 / 0.6 m2.

It is a freestanding tent; therefore, it is easy to assemble, and you can move it or relocate it without having to disassemble it. These tents have 2 DAC press-fit poles, color-coded clips, and Kelty hug clips for fast, secure, and simple setup.

This 3-season tent has one D-shaped door for easy entrance and exit and one vestibule with gear loft loops where you can store your camping gears. They also have 40D no-see-um mesh walls for bug protection, and so you can enjoy the view while lying inside your tent.

This 1-person tent has internal storage pockets so that you can keep your essentials within reach of your hands. It also has a fly attachment for its rainfly. Their taped seams keep the water out.

It is for solo camping. With a packed weight of 3 lb. 14 oz you can consider it as the best one man tent for backpacking and with the minimum weight of 3 lb. 6 oz it is one of the super light one man tent.

The length is 86 inches, width is 38/29 inches, and height is 38 inches. The packed size is 11 x 14 inches. These tents come in three different sizes; 1-person, 2-person, and 4-person.


  • It is lightweight and cost-efficient.
  • They have an excellent ventilation system.
  • Their mesh walls provide bug protection.
  • They have a fast and secure setup.
  • It is a freestanding tent, so it is convenient to move or relocate it.


  • Stakes are sub-par. They bend too easily in the soils that are not soft.
  • The rain fly of this tent requires tension stakes if camping in rocky soil.

Suitable for

It is a great all rounder, lightweight camping tent, which is ideal for your backpacking trip. It is waterproof, and it can withstand rains and high winds.

Not so great for

It is a 3-season tent, so it gets cold in winter. It is not suitable for freezing conditions. It can fit a single person comfortably, but it is difficult to fit two people in it.

Summary review

Customers are pleased with the price so we can consider it as one of the best budget backpacking tents. It has all positive reviews; the only problem faced by the customers was that they had to buy footprint and gear loft sold separately. Some users have also recommended to custom lightweight stakes.

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Most of these products have limited lifetime guarantee so you can purchase these tents without any worries. After extensive research, we have listed these products because these are ranked as the best smallest tent for backpacking. You will find these products durable and reliable. I hope this article will help you to find the most compatible and comfortable tent for your next trip. All these products are available on the Amazon website.


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