How To Choose The Winter Tent With Stove Jack?


People usually don’t go for camping trips in winter, but there are some daredevil adventurers and professional campers who love to camp even in the winter season. For these weather trips, winter tent with stove jack are the best. Camping in winter has its charms and to get a chance to enjoy campfires with friends and family in cold weather is too irresistible. But before going on this adventure, it is important to take some precautions. So, if you are planning to buy a tent for your next camping trip in winter, you should know all the details about backpacking tent with stove jack.

There are many advantages to buying a canopy with a stovepipe at the roof. It keeps you warmer, and you can always cook your food and make tea or coffee. These tents are not only for hardcore adventurers or professional campers, refugees and other homeless people can also benefit from it and use these tents as their shelter.

To save you from the bother of searching and finding all the necessary details, we have gathered all the information in this article that you will need for your winter tent.

Winter Tent With Stove Jack

How to choose the winter tent with stove jack for your family.

The following are the features that you must check before buying yourself a winter canvas with stove jack.

Pipe hole

When you are purchasing a tent, check whether it has a pipe hole or not. If there is a pipe hole, then check the size of the hole, it will help you in choosing the right stove if it is not the part of the product. I would recommend Russian-Bear Tent because it already has a stove, so you will save yourself from the hassle of buying a stove and tent separately.

Also, do check the placement of the pipe hole because if it is positioned on the facet walls, the wind won’t have a maximum impact while blowing off the smoke and sparks. It may additionally blow them back into the tent. DANCHEL cotton bell tents are the best because they have two jacks for your stove placement.



No specific material is required. Whether its 100% cotton, Oxford 240 D, or any other fabric as long as it is durable and waterproof, it is good enough. Winter tents usually come in double layers because these stovepipe holes are generally meant for winter tents.

Easy setup

If you camp quite often, then try buying an instant or bell-shaped tent. They are single-pole tents with easy installation. A single person can pitch them without any hassle. Therefore, framed tents should not be your first option.

Freestanding or not

In the case of frozen ground, buy a freestanding tent instead of the tents as mentioned above because you need to stake them properly.


tent ventilation

Make sure that it has at least one proper door and two windows for cross ventilation. Because if the air does not cross, it may cause a problem in breathing, especially with a burning stove.

Weight and packed size

Most of the tents with stoves are heavy and bulky, so it is not necessary to check their weight. But these tents are usually car camping tents so you should check their packed size to see that whether they fit in your car trunk or not.


The amount of space you will require depends on how many people are going to share it with you. You need to check the canvas you are purchasing that how many people it can fit with a stove. If you are a group of 6 to 7 people, then go for larger tents.


You should always check for the price, but usually, you won’t find many cheap tents with stove jack in the market. Winter tents with wood stove and stove jacks are mostly expensive. If you want to buy a high-quality canvas with so many features, then you should spend more money as well.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions that may arise in your mind.

Is there any drawback of buying winter camping tents with wood stoves?

Winter tents with stoves are safe if you buy them from a good brand because these brands use high-quality material around the stoves to avoid any accident. But if you are buying a cheap tent with a stove jack, there is no guarantee that it will be 100% safe.

Why should you have the stove pipe when you can have mesh windows instead?

Mesh windows provide proper ventilation and airflow, but when it comes to getting rid of the smoke that rises from a burning stove, they are not as effective as pipe holes because they direct the smoke outside. Many tents don’t come with a stovepipe hole, which then forces you to make a fire outside.

Can I buy a winter tent with a stove for an extra-large family?

Winter camping tents with a stove comes to an extensive range. If you even have an extra-large family, you can easily find a winter camp with stove jack in the market that would fit your family.

What is the primary feature that a winter tent must-have?

The primary feature that winter tents with stove should have is a waterproof fabric. The fabric should not be hefty, but it should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of high winds, snow, and rainstorms.


Tents with stoves are usually for the winter season, but these tents are also considered as 4 season tent with stove jack. Therefore, while buying a canvas, make sure not to buy just any 4-season tent. Because a regular 4-season tent may work for you when the temperature is average in winters, but in harsh cold weather, winter tents with stoves are the best.

We have tried our best to put authentic information in this article, and I hope after reading it, you can find the best winter tent with stove jack  for your upcoming camping adventure.


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